Hundreds of faculty guests since 1999

Music Academy making history

The best in the business

Along with faculty members and freelance teachers Music Academy regularly welcomes international guests for periodic stages or single sessions, organised to widen different topics and aims.
These great professionals are among the best professionals in the music business .

Our Wall of Fame

Discover just some of the hundreds of guest lecturers who have been part of our project in the last 20 years;
Enjoy our Wall of Fame!

Robben Ford

Globally recognised as one of the world’s great guitarists, Robben has made history with his exquisite interpretation of blues. Robben hosted our All Star masterclass 2016.

Katie Leone

Katie enjoys a stellar international vocal career, which includes stand out collaborations with Lou Reed and Incognito. Katie has been our special guest on numerous occasions.

Guthrie Govan

An eclectic and awe-inspiring guitarist, and one of our All Star Masterclass 2016, Guthrie collaborates with The Aristocrats, Hans Zimmer, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani.

Ian Paice

The rock music has a name in its Hall of Fame: Mr Ian Paice. The inspiration behind Deep Purple for over 30 years, we can proudly say Ian has been our guest on three separate occasions.

Howard Jones

One of the leading English founding fathers of new wave electronic music, Howard was our very special guest for a workshop on building and sustaining a career in the industry.

Greg Koch

Not only is Greg the demonstrator for Fender USA with a great solo career, he is also a jaw-dropping guitarist and a lovely person! Greg is a great friend of Music Academy Online.

Mike Terrana

Mike is an imaginative and gifted drummer with great power. As a result he is highly in demand and has collaborated with numerous international metal bands.

Ace Skunk Anansie

Guitarist, songwriter and founder of Skunk Anansie, Ace is an integral part of the team. Having recently launched his own ‘Ace Academy’, Ace holds a Masters in Education.

Dom Famularo

Universally recognised as “The Drums Global Ambassador”, Dom is absolutely passionate about drumming.  Dom has held many inspirational masterclasses over the years.

Paul Gilbert

Having held many masterclasses over the years with our students, Paul is an awesome guitar player and tutor. He is also one of our favourite guests. Shred at full power!

Skip Hadden

Skip is one of the most important members of the drum faculty of Berklee in Boston, and is widely considered a veritable encyclopedia of the drum kit.

Lorenzo Jovanotti

An huge Italian pop-rock legend, Lorenzo Jovanotti decided to give our music students exclusive access to his full live touring band. An unforgettable experience!

Jeff Richman

Revered jazz guitarist and professor at GIT, Jeff is famous for his jam sessions at the ‘Baked Potato’ in Hollywood with some of the most important session players from the USA.

Horacio Hernandez

Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez is one of the main protagonists of the international Afro-Cuban style as well as a regular guest and good friend of Music Academy.

Billy Sheehan

A revolutionary bassist, Billy has held talks, seminars, workshops and masterclasses with our students. Billy was also one of the artists who launched Music Academy back in 1999.

Mark De Lisser

Mark has been at the cutting edge of vocal education for many years. We are pleased to say that Mark holds a position within the Music Academy team with his quarterly workshops.

Darby Todd

Darby is a young, dynamic and talented British drummer who has previously collaborated with some of music’s greatest including Robert Plant, Kee Marcello and The Darkness.

Stu Hamm

Stu is a long-term friend and contributor to Music Academy. Awesome bass player, experienced live and studio professional and successful educationalist.

Gregg Bissonette

The Main Man. Greg has held more masterclasses and workshops with Music Academy students than anyone else. He can call Music Academy his home!.

Steve Lukather

Does Steve need an introduction? Probably not. Steve has visited the students at Music Academy only once but his time with us remains unforgettable. A true guitar legend.

Nick Rolfe

New York-based singer-songwriter, Nick has worked with top names from the American R’n’B scene and delivered a number of remarkable workshops.

Mike Stern

A real master of jazz and protégé of Miles Davis, Mike has worked with us on various workshops between 2004 and 2009.

John Petrucci

Guitarist and founder of Dream Theater, John has played two different clinics. John has left an indelible mark on the history of Prog Metal.

Andy Timmons

Andy is one of the leading guitarists on the world stage over the last 10 years. He is also a regular guest with 3 masterclasses since 2009.

Kevin Lettau

An inspiring singer and one of the main protagonists of the Los Angeles jazz scene. Kevin is a teacher with a great profile.

Frank Gambale

The first course we offered in 1999 was written for us exclusively by the great Frank. We thank him for having believed and for the times that he visited us.

Seth Govan

Brother of Guthrie Govan, Seth has extensive international experience as a session musician and influential bass teacher.

Chris Coleman

One of the main protagonists of the new Gospel scene. Chris is a great drummer and an inspiring clinician.

Steve Trovato

Steve is one of the most important guitarists on the American country scene. He has also had a significant career as a teacher at GIT in Hollywood.

Billy Cobham

The history of drums inevitably includes the kit of Billy Cobham. Billy has hosted masterclasses with our students twice.

Carl Verheyen

Carl another regular visitor and one of the best guitarists in USA. Carl is a teacher at GIT as well as a session musician and guitarist for Supertramp.

Reggie Hamilton

In the world of R & B Reggie is a legend. A list of incredible sessions including Stevie Wonder. He has participated in two All Star Masterclasses.

Jennifer Battern

To be the lead guitar with Michael Jackson for over a decade is one thing. But Jennifer has also collaborated with guitar guru Jeff Beck.

Richard Smith

A successful soloist in the  American jazz charts and professor of jazz guitar at the University of Southern California Richard has taught with us several occasions.

JoJo Mayer

One of the most respected drummers of the last few years, JoJo visited our students recently for a series of close encounters.

Jimmy Haslip

Bassist and teacher of great experience, Jimmy is a long-time member of the legendary world fusion group: The Yellowjackets.

Carl Palmer

Another important page in the history of music, Carl visited us to meet our students, talk about ELP and demonstrate his unique style.

Doug Aldrich/Reb Beach

Although at different times, we have been fortunate to host Doug & Reb. The twin axe assault responsible for the sound of Whitesnake.

Tom Brechtlein

Tom is one of the most important drummers in jazz / blues. His playing credits include Chick Corea, Robben Ford, Frank Gambale and Al Di Meola.

Scott Henderson

Scott was one of the great young hopes of jazz when Chick Corea invited him to join his band. Scott has since embarked on a successful career.

Seymour Duncan

It is not necessary to play an instrument to be a legend. Seymour is one, having worked with the biggest and the best. From the Beatles to Hendrix, Clapton to Les Paul.