Bachelor Degree (Level 6) and Master (Level 7)

The Future of Music Education just got real



Degree level study with Music Academy offers you the opportunity to study your chosen instrument in a supportive and real-time online environment. Studying with Music Academy  gives you the skills and knowledge, both instrumental and entrepreneurial, to enter into any musical environment with confidence. The focus is also on the creation of original music. By the end of your study with us you will have achieved a high level of musical ability and industry insight. You will have also built a significant catalogue of original music and industry-relevant projects, which you can carry forward into your career in music.

Our unique educational mix of live online teaching and specialist online resources supports and guides you through your studies in a way that other degrees do not. We believe that regular live interaction with your tutors and with other students is central to the development of real time musical experience. The beauty of online delivery is that it allows you the opportunity to build a truly international network of musicians, entrepreneurs and contacts, which is an invaluable part of any career in music.



Why Music Academy?
  • Highly experienced professional musicians and tutors, with an enviable collection of credits.
  • A dual online delivery model, incorporating live delivery and the best online resources available.
  • International networking opportunities with musicians, artists and industry specialists.
  • Real world projects are an integral part of the course, allowing you to work on your ideas throughout your course and then take them to the world.
  • Over 20 years of experience in the music industry and specialist modern music education guides and informs Music Academy  courses.


Course Delivery
  • You will receive regular live classes in a number of carefully constructed units and modules that you ‘attend’ online with your tutor and your other classmates.
  • You are given specialist guidance on how to achieve your goals, both educationally and professionally.
  • You have access to an enviable online resource of tutorials, workshops and masterclasses that other online providers can only dream of.
  • Each unit and module is specifically designed to give you the tools and knowledge to help you achieve your desired success.
  • All Music Academy tutors are highly professional musicians, industry specialists and experienced tutors. They are passionate about working with you throughout your studies to ensure you get the very best experience.


How Your Course is Assessed

Each unit or module has a specific set of required learning outcomes which you are expected to meet in order to gain the requisite number of credits. As part of the assessment of each area, you may be expected to:

  • prepare for a live performance
  • create a business plan for a new release
  • market a new product or online presence
  • create a piece of original music and record your thoughts on the process
  • develop and display a new style of playing or singing
  • explain how the music industry has changed and developed over the recent past

These are just a few of the real world situations you will find yourself challenged by with Music Academy. It is essential that all course elements are vocationally valid, offering a full set of transferrable industry-relevant skills, alongside developing your technical ability.

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