Music Academy Online brings the world of professional music into your home

A world class teaching faculty at your fingertips

Working in an international environment

Studying with Music Academy Online means more than simply taking music
lessons: it means learning with a team of great musicians and tutors, connecting with other students and musicians and working individually and collectively on developing immersive and real world projects.

Music Academy Online offers a team of music tutors of excellence, all of whom continue to work at an international level.

Our tutors are all selected through careful analysis of experience, qualifications and professional expertise in their chosen field.


Academic guidelines

All tutors at Music Academy Online operate according to the latest guidelines for international institutions and British universities which govern teaching and assessment structure, quality and student experience.



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Guest lectures

Alongside our regular tutors and visiting faculty, Music Academy regularly hosts guest lectures, masterclasses, workshops and clinics, available to all students and (where possible) applicants. Check out some of the hundreds of guest lecturers who have been part of our training program for the past 20 years:  Find out more